Law Offices of
Mark R. Esher


                                    REPRESENTING FEDERAL EMPLOYEES

    Mark Esher is a lawyer representing federal civil service employees,                 
    to include U.S. Postal Service employees, with offices centrally located
    in Shawnee Mission, Kansas, Southwest Florida (Fort Myers-Estero) and
    Portland, Maine.  

    We have the experience, capability and resources to aggressively defend
    and protect federal employees against adverse disciplinary actions, prohibited
    discrimination, and reprisal; and to formally represent their interests throughout
    the federal sector EEO complaint process, and before the Merit Systems
    Protection Board (MSPB) and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
    (EEOC and Office of Federal Operations). Our primary objective is to find               
    solutions to your employment difficulties as quickly as possible and with the            
    least disruption to your federal government career.    

    We understand the importance of protecting your reputation as a federal
    employee or manager and safeguarding your federal pay, promotion and
    retirement goals in the face of adverse agency decisions or circumstances.

    Mr. Esher has represented federal employees nationwide and throughout the     
    world, as far away as Iraq and as close as the U.S. Virgin Islands. Please note
    that we are highly selective as to who we represent, and we will only represent
    those who are serious about preserving their long-term federal civil service

                                         ATTORNEY PROFILE

    Mr. Esher is an attorney who represents only federal government,
    civil service employees and employees of the U.S. Postal Service.  

    He is a graduate of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, the
    University of Kansas School of Business (MBA) and the University of Kansas
    School of Law (JD 1990). Mr. Esher is admitted to the Kansas and the U.S.
    District Court Bar.  

    In addition to working many years alongside military, mariner and civil
    service employees of the U.S. Department of Navy, Military Sealift Command
    (MSC) and DOD, Mr. Esher has been in private practice representing individual
    federal employees, supervisors and managers facing performance, promotion,
    discipline and discrimination difficulties for over 25 years. He also holds a U.S.
    Coast Guard, Merchant Marine Chief Officer License, and has completed              
    thirty years of active and reserve service with the U.S. Navy (Captain USNR),
    which included service aboard the USS Anchorage (and duty assignments in
    Florida, Hawaii, Guam, S. Korea, the Philippine Islands and throughout the
    Caribbean and Mediterranean).

                                       CONTACT INFORMATION

    For a free, brief initial telephone consultation with Mr. Esher, call 913.221.4877.

    The Law Office of Mark Esher is centrally located in the middle of the country
    in Shawnee Mission, Kansas, with additional locations in Portland, Maine and in
    Fort Myers-Estero (which also serves the nearby cities of Naples and Cape Coral,
    as well as the surrounding areas of Fort Lauderdale, Sarasota, Key West and the
    U.S. Virgin Islands).  

    Please note our practice is limited to federal employees, federal employee
    rights, and the federal sector EEO, EEOC & MSPB administrative process.

    Our central mailing address for all federal employee appeal and complaint matters
    is 23191 Fashion Drive, Suite 302, Estero, Florida 33928.  

    For further information or scheduling please contact his executive legal assistant,
    Suzanne C. Suber, at 239.776.4000.

    With federal appeal and complaint deadlines often as short as 15 days,
    it is important that you contact our office in a timely manner and before your
    work situation and mediation opportunities deteriorate.  Please understand that
    Mr. Esher does not formally represent any employee as to any federal employee
    matter, EEO claim, MSPB appeal or EEOC complaint until a written agreement
    is completed, signed and received from the client.

Federal Employee Rights

Mark R. Esher, Esq.

Contact us:

Suzanne C. Suber
Executive Legal Assistant
Coconut Point, Estero, Florida